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Telephone Counselling and Psychotherapy in Bath Psychotherapy and counselling in Bath.  Psychotherapist and counsellor in Bath.

If we hide our mental health issues, it’s too easy for society to ignore us

Guardian, March 2017

Mental illness soars among young women in England

The Guardian, October 2016

What is bipolar?

The Guardian, August 2016

The problem with the phrase ‘be a man’

The Guardian, August 2016

Men’s misconceptions about why they avoid therapy

The Good Men Project, June 2016

Women nearly twice as likely to suffer from anxiety

BBC Website, June 2016

Why highly successful people seek therapy

British Medical Journal research shows that talking therapies can be as effective as anti-depressants

Daily Telegraph  December 2015

“ …the essence of therapy is the therapist...the therapist is the most significant factor in improving outcome.”

(Dr Charlotte Blease)

Irish Times

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How do psychotherapy and counselling differ?

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Counselling and Psychotherapy in Bath

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You might be struggling with something difficult  in your life in the here and now, such as the loss of a loved one, or the traumatic breakdown of a relationship.

Or perhaps you’re aware of vague, underlying feelings of sadness, anxiety or anger. Maybe you feel trapped in a cycle of repeated disappointments with partners, friends and careers and don’t know why.

It might feel impossible to get what you want, or even know what you want.

Whether you know what the problem is, or even if you don’t, therapy can help. It’s an opportunity to explore yourself; to examine feelings, thoughts and motivations and gain understanding - the first step towards navigating a different, happier course.
Psychotherapy and counselling in Bath

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